Monday, October 15, 2007

Q and A

I always hate the Q and A part of a reading. It takes all my mental energy to stand up and read, and there isn't any left to answer questions. A well-meaning aspiring poet might ask those seemingly simple questions. For example, why is a prose poem a prose poem, esp. the one you read that sounds like it has an internal rhyme scheme? Is it just a question of line breaks?

Instead of answering I wish I could ask my own questions.

1. Tell me, Darling, what is your relationship with structure and meaning, form and message? Does your body and face tell who you are? Are you sure, or are you lying even now? Where is your soul, and does it fly?

2. Can you explain to me the magic of your favorite lines of poetry? Do you know what a satori is? Or what meaning means? Is this just this?

3. Can you define the relationship between the divine and silky mauve shirts? Or tiramisu, sepia photos of the dead, and fountain pens, the kind with just the right ink flow. Not too much, not too little. Only black ink will do . . . And the right kind of porous stationary . . . .

4. Do you have a favorite wish? Lust? Lie? If so, do you know you should never say it aloud? And what will happen if you do? And why?


dixiedreams said...

i promise i will ask one of these at your next reading.

Erin O'Brien said...

Are you wearing underpants?

Val Cox said...

I love the way you put words together! Val

Amy said...

Loved reading this entry Nin. I always wonder if the customs of poetry are repeated across all the arts?

eatmyshorts said...

Dear Nin...Are you the author of the prose poem "Night Fishing"? I actually came across this blog by accident while searching for more of your poetry online...I just wanted to say that as a poet myself, I truly adored it! I would love to get in contact with e-mail is (I'm a freshman at a liberal arts college in Chicago), your blog is hilarious!