Friday, April 17, 2009

Going crazy

I am so far behind. I have this pile of envelopes and emails and details to get through, and no matter how far I get, I have so much more to do. This--the aftermath of travels I guess.

I just got an email from a review asking me for a bio note and so forth, but I thought they rejected my work. I don't exactly want to write and say, what poem? Are you sure you have the right poet?

It reminds me of the time a review took a poem with a title I didn't remember ever writing. And the review was one I didn't remember ever sending to . . .

No, I am not going crazy, I assure myself.


Lyle Daggett said...

I once got a rejection slip from a poetry magazine I'd never sent poems to. Now, can it get any lower than that?

Actually, I had in fact sent poems to them, but between the time I sent the poems and the time I heard back from them, they'd changed the name of the magazine.

Another time, I got a contributor copy of a magazine I'd never sent poems to, with two of my poems in it. Here again, it turned out to be a name change -- I had sent them poems, they never sent back saying whether they'd accepted or rejected any, then by the time they'd sent the contributor copy, they'd changed the name of the magazine.

And yet another time, once I got a form letter from a poetry magazine, telling me they were still considering my work and thanking me for my patience. Only thing was, I'd never sent them any poems...

Nin Andrews said...

Wow, and I thought I had odd experiences!