Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Week

It was my birthday week! It's exciting to be so old. I think so. How can it not be? I guess the philosopher in me is talking. But I do think about the miracle of being alive at all, much less in this way, in this peculiar body and mind and spirit and time and state and country and, and, and

with these great friends and folks . . .

I do feel dangerously lucky. Some part of me is afraid to celebrate for fear I will be punished for feeling this happy.

After so many catch-up phone calls and notes and so forth, I have a small tower of new books to read. Among them this funny book, Overqualified, by Joey Comeau, which is collection of hysterical letters addressed to different corporations, requesting a job.

And I should now be the envy of all the prose poets out there . . . because Jim found a hardback copy of The Prose Poem, an International Anthology, in great condition! Yep. The Michael Benedikt anthology from 1976! Amazing. (It's the best anthology of prose poems out there, but good luck finding a copy that is in readable shape. I searched everywhere for this book.)


greg rappleye said...

Congratulations on your birthday!

Also on the book, of course.

amberbromer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Bursky said...

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Nin
Happy birthday to you!

Now, everybody sing!

Christopher Barzak said...

Happy Birthday! And yay for the anthology!