Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Thinking

My daughter was cleaning her room and came across an old issue of a literary magazine that she and my son put together when they were in elementary school as a gift to me. They called the magazine Good Thinking. The opening page of one of the issues of the magazine reads as follows:

Good Thinking is published whenever the editors decide to publish it. Sometimes they are too busy to publish anything. This is the third issue of Good Thinking. The editors welcome contributions from anyone who is a child. Work contributed will not be returned and might be lost. The editors apologize in advance for your lost work. The editors would love to hear from you. The editors sometimes republish poems from past issues. They do not ask for your permission to republish your poems. Sometimes the editors discover typos in Good Thinking. The editors apologize for typos but do not correct them. Please send your poems and stories and artwork to Good Thinking at the address below.


Lyle Daggett said...

Oh this is funny. Serious LOL.

As I was reading it I thought offhand of at least two dozen literary magazines out there for which the Good Thinking editors' statement would be a perfect fit.

Diana said...

omg - that's perfect!

Vicki Hudson said...

Hmmm...two questions - is Good Thinking still occasionally publishing and can that paragraph be borrowed?