Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tomorrow Night I read at Hamilton College with Jo Pitkin, another Hamilton graduate. Or maybe I should say Kirkland College graduate. Hamilton swallowed the women's college, Kirkland, and Jo was a few years ahead of me . . . In any case, Jo is amazing, and I am looking forward to hearing her read.

I was interested to read in Newsweek that Hamilton is now rated as one of the top 20 suburban schools. But I wonder how they define suburban. After all, it's in Clinton, New York, which has about 1000 residents, if that. But maybe it has changed. Maybe I will find out today that Clinton is now an expanding town, filled with new shops, hotels, businesses . . .

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shawnte said...

I'm sure they will love hearing you.

By the way, I once read Poets On Poets before one of my readings, to break the ice. I pulled up a few people with me, so we could go back and forth reading the lines in different voices. The audience and the poets who helped me, all had a lot of fun with it.