Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Art of Screwing after Elizabeth Bishop

They say these campaigns are targeted, but I doubt it. I get several calls a day from the Romney campaign. I think everyone in Ohio is being bombarded. The same groups that called yesterday and the day before will call again tomorrow. I fear we are screwed.


TC said...

I fear you are right, Nin.

A very sharp, pertinent and well-aimed bit of parody, which could prove deadly in an environment that included not only massive trapped greenhouse gases ("So mommy, WHY are we having these terrible mean superstorms?" "Shut up and get back in the damned trick or treat bus!"), and massive denial, but the minimal saving grace of even the smallest shred of a sense of humour.

Your Comix (three great ones in a row, here) make all the serious points so well; and so adroitly, too, that the sting in the tail could almost seem like a love bite -- to an alien, that is.

And here they come to your block, America, swarms of them disguised as pointy headed little humans, with tiny litle flippers reaching out for for your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, with their flags and phone spam lists, in their cute little halloween themed sacred underwear costumes... are are those just ordinary diapers?

Nin Andrews said...

Thanks Tom, and it is insane. Today the internet was down, but the phone-- ringing off the hook. It's creepy. An automated Mitt Romney calls and says my name and then goes on blathering. Then he calls back and talks to Suzanne. Then several pollsters, then a woman for Romney, and we are just getting to the time when the calls usually begin. And not answering doesn't help--the answering machine is blathering away. Trick or treat indeed.

Laura said...

That sounds like harassment. Is anyone persuaded by this tactic? I have a hard time believing it works. We are inundated with political junk mail. What a waste. Wonder how many homeless could be sheltered with the materials used for political ads (let alone the campaign financing).

Soon it will be over.

Erin O'Brien said...

October in Ohio during a presidential election year is one of those strange examples of time passing quickly (as it always does) and oh-so-slowly.

It's like a political Ohio time Escher painting. help.

TC said...

OMG, an automated Mitt Romney.

Sounds like that might just be the "real" guy.

Tonight a driving rainstorm on Halloween with little teen witches "tagging" the downtown buses. The doorway of the building where I was scheduled for a post-accident physical therapy appointment had seven prostrate bodies in it. The door code didn't work. I had awakened the dead for no good reason.

"Soon it will be over," consoling words, indeed.

(To be followed by a silent, anxious "if only...")