Sunday, December 9, 2012

Doha Climate Conference

Reading the news about the Doha Climate Change Conference and thinking about the idea of a seven degree temperature rise and what a seven degree rise by 2060 would mean, I feel so hopeless. It's nuts that so many people don't seem to want to do anything about this issue.


Urban Mermaid said...

Worse than apathy the climate change is being passive aggressively promoted among the folks who benefit from their expansion of oil territories. A sneaky game of chess. And sadly we are pawns.

TC said...

Of course Emily's right, the oil companies rule the planet they are so busily destroying, sawing off the limb, fouling the nest -- with, of course, "our" brainlessly normative automatonoid collusion.

But just wondering... perhaps even worse than the apathy is the imitating all the other properly socialized pawns by jumping in the car to go wherever, when instead one could walk, stay home or simply twiddle one's thumbs in place, thus doing one's tiny wee bit to save what's left of a planet trapped under a noxious and soon-to-be fatal veil of greenhouse gases.

Then again, one could go the other way and just jump on a plane to go wherever else, thus accelerating the catastrophe.

Are these ideas too simplistic, or is it simply a massive contagion of denial that convinces everybody it's the other guy's fault, I'm special, I should get a pass?

Must common sense, in our bright administered dying world, always require a committee or a conference to get it kick-started?

Nin Andrews said...

Oh we always need a new conference-a panel of talking heads. For real. It seems like some kind of sci fi joke, no?

Gary Nihsen said...

I'm actually happy to see someone (you) that actually seems to feel the same rising sense of urgency about the impending catastrophe; I wrote a tiny little poem after reading the World Bank report (which was devasting)and the very progressive, intelligent, educated group that I shared it with did not understand what it was about (and this was not just because the poem was slightly obtuse); I had to explain the dangers of feels a bit like a ride on a planetary Titanic, with a few of the passengers running around on the deck yelling "Iceberg, Iceberg" while the rest are playing shuffleboard and poker, not noticing the group of boys playing soccer with a chunk of ice...

TC said...

As a kid I always considered this a swell season to go for a ride. The snow, the lights, grandmother's house & c.

To paraphrase somebody, the sinking of the planetary Titanic wasn't built in a day.

Nor is it even our private Anglo party boat any more.

But at least there are very few icebergs left capable of doing any great damage, what with the current accelerated rate of breaking and calving.

Honk, honk, hello Grandma!

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