Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Auden Comic


TC said...

"When I was in college" (Late Jurassic Period) there SOOO many famous person stories concerning Auden (who had taught there for a bit) floating about, and SOOO many players of Gossip Poker were swapping them back and forth...

But not a one was worth the Three of Clubs.

The best one: he would come to faculty parties (always exquisitely boring of course) with his bedroom slippers in his pocket, and at ten p.m. precisely, put them on (a bit like Cinderella this part, though unfortunately they were not made of glass), and "slip away into the night..."

As the night was always covered in two feet of snow, this probably took some doing.

All my other Auden The Old Master Famous Person Stories are much more lurid than that, even a Five of Diamonds in there somewhere I think, but none involved falling off a horse.

Nin Andrews said...

I would LOVE to hear all these stories.