Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Back from El Salvador at last! A few poems below from the school kids. They were beautiful. No two ways about it. One assignment (which we never got to because we ran out of time) was to write the exact details of today. I told them that when they were as old as I was, they would not remember today. They giggled. Clearly they could not imagine it, being old like me. I remember as a girl, thinking I would never ever turn into a woman, esp. an old woman.


Centro Escolar San José Carrizal

Primer Taller de Poesía, Martes 13 de Noviembres

El sol y la luna y los girasoles

Kendy de Lourdes Cerón, 10 años

Todas las noches

los girasoles despiertan…

Para aprender lo que

La luna en lo alto de las nubes enseñaba

Pero la luna solo les enseñaba la vocal “o”.

Los girasoles ya estaban

Aburridos de la vocal

Un día aunque no había luna

Apareció el sol que les dijo

Yo les enseñare y les enseño

Todas las vocales.

Un girasol le pregunto

¿De que palabra viene la

Letra “e”? y respondió la letra

Viene de la palabra tierra.

The sun and the moon and the sunflowers

Every night

The sunflowers awoke…

In order to learn what the moon

In the height of the clouds would teach them

But the moon only taught them the vowel “o”

The sunflowers grew bored

Of the letter.

One day although there was no moon

The sun appeared and told them

I will teach you and then taught them

All of the vowels.

One of the sunflowers asked:

What word does the letter “e” come from?

And the sun answered: The letter “e”

Comes from the word earth.

Una mañana tan hermosa

Un sol iluminaba muchas arboles,

Muchas flores hermosas

Y un aire tan fresco

En una noche tan linda

La luna iluminaba la tierra

Los niños desde sus cassas miraban

Las nubes y las estrellas

One beautiful morning

A sun illuminated many trees

Many beautiful flowers

And a cool breeze

In one beautiful night

The moon illuminated the earth

The children from their houses watched

The clouds and the stars

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Diane Vogel Ferri said...

A beautiful thing to read on Thanksgiving. Thanks, Diane