Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Professor,


TC said...

Dear Professor,

I've been so busy working out the cosmic implications of this post that, as you'll observe, I haven't even had time to take my Christmas decorations down!

Nin Andrews said...

Oh my God, Tom! What the heck! The cosmic implications abound!

As to the physics post, it's actually accurate, assuming the sound didn't die out, which I am guessing it wouldn't in heaven . . .

TC said...

That Gonzo guitarist obviously has his own fine-tuned conception of the grand celestial award promised by Evangelical Physics. My guess is that those two dangling gold beads, if tugged upon, may produce the Rapture -- or, alternately, redirect the emissions of whatever may be splattered down upon unbelievers from that whirring ceiling fan. (The blades may be made of angels' wings.)

There is so much guessing at heaven going on these days. Can this really be the end -- or are people just growing weary of video games?

"Heaven is boring.

"Many people think that heaven must be boring. We see this in cartoons of heaven—sitting on clouds, with wings, playing harps. This might be some Greek fantasy of bliss, but not the Christian ideal. First of all, Jesus said that on the final day many who are not followers of Jesus would remain in the kingdom of God, if they have assisted persecuted believers on earth (Matthew 25:31-40). So this means that there will be a mix of believers and unbelievers on the earth. Secondly, the resurrected believers Jesus calls to himself will be given positions of authority to rule over the world. (Luke 22:29-30; Luke 19:15-19). This means that there will be no sitting around, bored out of our minds..."

I think that latter conclusion is perhaps meant to be some sort of consolation prize for under-funded guitar-tuning physicists -- ?

And that "positions of authority" bit, spooky. Could this Evangelist be alluding to the delicate physics of the Republican primaries, loomed over by the lumbering spectre of The Great White Menace??