Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Wild Ducks of Poland, Ohio

The trees are in their winter glory.

The woodlands paths are muck.

Under the January sunlight the water
mirrors a still sky;

Upon the brimming creek . . .
a few Poland ducks.

Not much of a parody, but "The Wild Swans at Coole" is a poem I think of when I look at the trees, the reflections, and when I wish the paths were dry! It's so wet, the trees are rotting at the roots. Every time there's a big wind (like today), a few trees topple over. Huge sycamores block the trails.

There's also a bid to frack under the park here as well, which worries me.

The Wild Swans at Coole
by Yeats

THE TREES are in their autumn beauty,
The woodland paths are dry,
Under the October twilight the water
Mirrors a still sky;
Upon the brimming water among the stones
Are nine and fifty swans . . .

And the last stanza, which I can't not include . . .

But now they drift on the still water
Mysterious, beautiful;
Among what rushes will they build,
By what lake’s edge or pool
Delight men’s eyes, when I awake some day
To find they have flown away?


Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Lovely post. I love your photographs but the second one is my favorite.

ACravan said...

I love these photos also. I've never seen Poland, Ohio before. The first real snow is falling here now. Silly to say, but I really wish it weren't. Curtis