Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Week in Review

Musee des Beaux Arts
W. H. Auden

About suffering they were never wrong,
The old Masters: how well they understood
Its human position: how it takes place
While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along;. . .

Filling Station

Oh, but it is dirty!
—this little filling station,
oil-soaked, oil-permeated
to a disturbing, over-all
black translucency.
Be careful with that match! . . .


TC said...

Brilliant comic artistry!

The revolving bordello doors of the captain's cabin aboard the U.S.S. Love Pentagon defy credulity.

But there are times when, as an instrument of apprehension, parody trumps credulity.

Adroit, cutting and absolutely to the point here, Nin.

Nin Andrews said...

Thank you!
And yes, the USS LOVE PENTAGON, or "the movie I think I've seen before," as my friend, Emily calls it, is just beginning. And we're buying our popcorn and drinks.

Laura said...

Soon potable water is going to be five dollars a gallon.

Lyle Daggett said...

And with the effect of the recent drought on the corn crop, popcorn will be more expensive than marijuana in Colorado...