Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Am I the only one whose list barely changes?

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TC said...

No, you're not the only one, Nin.

For longer than I am able to remember I have been so embarrassingly lacking in resolve that forming resolutions of any sort, at any time of year, has finally become a task I must regretfully admit to be beyond my powers.

Now I am down to a grim-jawed white-knuckle grasp on the fleeting resolution of the moment. One resolution at a time. Baby steps and all that.

The failure to adhere to a small resolution is not, I find, quite so demoralizing as the failure to adhere to a major resolution.

Yet then again, are many small blows preferable to one large one?

While thinking about this post over the past few nights, by the way, a number of positive, well-meaning resolution possibilities have flickered across the shadowy penumbra of the nocturnal solitary consciousness: be a better person, be more cheerful, kinder to others & c. & c. -- all followed by the immediate internal shrug of hopelessness, it'll never work, too late now & c. & c...

But hey, wait, this is a COMIC post!!