Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Denise Duhamel's article in The Huffington Post



Brad said...

So very happy to see you on this wonderful list.

Brad said...

So immensely happy to see both this list and you on it. Made my day.

Nin Andrews said...

Thank you!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Lists! It's that time of year!

I remember discovering the orgasm poems when you sent some to Berkeley Poetry Review 20+ years ago. As I recall you'd already placed the one(s) we wanted, but we decided we would go with one from your what-about-these batch. I was happy with what we published, of course. Time goes by.

Happy Holidaze!

Nin Andrews said...

Oh, that was a while ago! I don't think that review still exists. Or does it? Thanks for taking my work!

Happy Holidays to you, too!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

BPR exists when there's someone eager to run it. There's little continuity year-to-year. It's basically a new invention every time, only the name hanging on.

TC said...

Same with me, every day.

Basically a new world every time.

They say senior dementia does that, but still.

In any case, Nin, that is a swell plug and my only quarrel with the list is that it has a top and you are not on it.

The top, that is.

Why settle for second best when you aren't, as my caregiver would probably say, if I had one.

But that's only one of the many things I don't like about lists, they are so pinheaded really when you stop to think of it.

And just imagine the New York School used to call them poetry!!

That's SO Jurassic Park (said the wee voice from deep in the pit of the colossal dinosaur footprint).

On the other hand, my dear, happy New Year.