Sunday, March 2, 2014

from Darkness Moves by Henri Michaux

There is haste in me.  There is urgency. *

I would like. I would like anything at all, but fast.  I would like to get out of here.  I would like to be rid of all this.   I would like to start over again.  I would like to leave all this.  Not to leave through an exit.  I would like multiple leaving, a whole spread of them.  An endless leaving, an ideal leaving so that once I've left I begin leaving again right away.

*What would happen if this "accelerator" were administered to slow animals: to the chameleon, to the three-toed sloth or to a marmot just coming out of hibernation?

from Darkness Moves by Henri Michaux, translated by David Ball, from the chapter, Exploring Hallucinogens, p. 199


vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

Thanks for this, Nin. BTW, Ball's Michaux anthology was a gift to me from a dear friend--it continues to be a constant, eye-opening delight.

Urban Mermaid said...

I love this drawing! They are really moving!

I love the poem by HM too.

Thank you,