Monday, March 17, 2014

Simplicity by Henri Michaux from SOMEONE WANTS TO STEAL MY NAME

       What has been missing from my life until now is simplicity.  I am beginning to change, little by little.
      For example, now I always go out with my bed, and when a woman pleases me, I take her to bed immediately.
       If her ears are ugly or large, or her nose, I take them off with her cloths and put them under the bed.  I keep only what I like.
      If her underthings could use a change, I change them right away.  That is my gift.   If, on the other hand, I see a more beautiful woman passing by, I excuse myself to the first and make her disappear at once.
      Some who know me suggest that I am incapable of doing just what I said, that I haven't the temperament.  I once believed so myself, but that was because I wasn't doing everything exactly as I pleased.
      Now all my afternoons are good.  (Mornings, I work.)

(From Someone Wants to Steal My Name, Cleveland State University Press.)

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TC said...

The development of simplicity sounds pretty complicated.