Friday, February 22, 2008


I've been working on the same poem all week.
I keep waiting for a revelation. How to fix it.
The word, revelation, reminds me somehow
of Martin Luther. He was said to have had
some of his revelations on the toilet seat
when praying for relief. In this way he learned
that God sometimes listens. But not always.


MilesB said...

Really enjoyed your reading in Tremont yesterday. And the banter between you and Maj at Prosperity.

Now I'm off to read "Dear Professor" and learn what my students have been secretly thinking all these years...


Nin Andrews said...

Thanks Miles!
That was really fun. I enjoyed hearing you read, too. And I LOVE readings like that --the kind that feel more like a round table. Jewel Heart is a terrific place- and a great place to read.