Friday, March 6, 2009

Cirque de Soleil

We went to see Cirque de Soleil last night. It was amazing. And the Chevy Center in Youngstown is a perfect place for it--not a bad seat in the house. At the same time I was slightly disappointed because we'd seen them in Pittsburgh where the show was far more of a show. I felt like we got the Youngstown version, the abridged edition. The first half was over in a blink. The different acts were cut down to a minimum, fewer people jumping or twirling or balancing this way and that, more solo acts and fewer duets and so on, and there wasn't that overwhelming sense of entering another world. I wasn't sucked into the theme, the story, the drama . . . Instead I was just amazed by every single performer.

I suppose in some ways it was nice to be able to focus on one or two flying men or women at a time.

And I'd go again tonight if we had tickets. I'm a sucker for acrobatics and circus tricks and magic. As a poet, I always feel so limited. All I have is words to play with, to dance and twist and turn and try to balance in the air . . . And somehow they just don't do it all.

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Tyler said...

We thought the show was great too. Interesting to hear about the bigger version. Thanks for sharing.