Friday, December 2, 2011

Because I could not stop for Sex


TC said...

We slowly drove -- and parked --
He moved -- with haste unabating --
And I was left there in the dark
Impatiently awaiting --

January said...

I think you should publish your cartoons and parodies in book form. You are amazingly talented and funny, Nin!

Nin Andrews said...

I LOVE that Tom!

And thanks January! I have so much fun drawing, I feel like a kid in school drawing during class--
which is how I spent my school days.

Tom, I just found some of your comments I hadn't "moderated." For some reason comments don't always make it into my inbox and I don't know they are there . . .

ACravan said...

The look on that woman's face is amazing. Curtis

TC said...

I do so love that phrase -- "that woman"!

(There's always one in every neighbourhood, cat on a hot tin roof & c.)