Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who said clouds are lonely?

I wandered o'er vales and hills
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of nimbostratus clouds . . .

When we had to memorize this poem in 5th grade, I asked if Wordsworth lived in a dry climate when he wrote this poem.

Ah well. It's the second wettest year here in NE Ohio. And by the end of the month 2011 might be in first place . . .

I mean to say, we are having cloud cocktail parties, cloud conventions, cloud Occupy-Youngstown seasons . . .

And my dogs hate it!


TC said...

We had a horrible cold wet winter last year that also lasted all summer, and has now started over again as before.

The NWS has just issued a December through February forecast predicting temps 40% below normal for here.

But normal -- normal's just a memory.

What we now have back with us is a phenomenon called La Niña ("historically" a nonrepeater, but of course "history" is over, and all bets are off), multiplied by various subphenomena, oscillations, North Pacific current redirections, and so on -- all, all spelled out for us by climate scientists (the ones not on the take, that is) as a product of climate change.

Bottom line, We Are Anchorage.

Quite simple really -- to everybody but the .001% Republicans.

The ones who start shivering and shaking every time the ghost of the Al Gore puppet starts rattling around in their furlined glove compartments. (It just wants Emily to stroke it and Be Nice!)

They don't want to hear about it. And anyway how would they know? They're nice and dry and toasty in their fancy eateries and climate-controlled offices, Lexuses and Benzes and CO2-spewing jets... which of course (for them!) is cool... or shall I say hot? Lukewarm?

But the people of the streets, who are exposed to the weather 24 x 7, they know. It's colder and more uncomfortable at night in those shop doorways than it has ever been before.

Not that anybody is noticing, other than the poor bundled masses themselves, shuddering on into the tubercular inversion of The American Dream.

ACravan said...

My dogs also, who know amazing things about the weather, which could probably save us all if they would just learn to speak American English. Last night, I couldn't get the one who's recovering from back surgery out the door. Tom's math is precise and amazing. 001% Republicans. As a Jeopardy answer, it suggests (I think) a variety of Jeopardy questions, all of which would stump me. The drawings here are just wonderful. It's dark outside now and I can neither see nor hear the current weather. However, they're predicting very cold and wet outside, which means a small, discouraging, still un-repaired leak inside. Anchorage sounds about right. Curtis

Lyle Daggett said...

A bit further south than Anchorage, but this morning (here in Minneapolis) I stood at the bus stop in 5 degree air. And that's not particularly cold here for this time of year. I've seen days here in my own lifetime when the high temp for the day was minus 15.

(When the temperature gets down near zero or colder, the snow on the ground creaks underfoot like old boards when you walk on it.)

The weather bureau's long-term forecast for the winter here is also below-normal temperatures...

Word verification is "unbarial". I agree -- this weather is almost unbarial.