Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Poet's Café

If one eats too often here, she will be framed with a fearful symmetry . . .


TC said...


What a fine robust virtual gastronomic pleasure to tuck oneself into these fearful symmetries after a hearty American breakfast!

ACravan said...

Nin, this is lovely and a good start on what good be a very worthwhile, and possibly commercial, application for your writing. I love menus and like everything else there are good ones and bad ones and collectively we go through good and bad menu periods. The current, still obtaining, trend in fancy restaurants of providing a ridiculous degree of provenance to ingredients started off as a kind of good idea, but got silly pretty quickly. But true wit never gets old and lifts the spirits. I'd dine in your cafe. Curtis

TC said...

What the Poet's Café perhaps needs, to make it shape up a bit, is a good old fashioned no-nonsense polkadot-dress Waitress.

Nin Andrews said...

I LOVE the waitress. Yes, she would be the perfect addition to the Poet's Café where one drinks the swill of student life . . .

And thanks Curtis! I don't ever imagine myself having commercial value. I love menus and lists and recipes and the like . . .

Lyle Daggett said...

Additional items for the menu:

- Do I Dare To Eat A Peach cobbler?

- Milk of Paradise

- Susie Asado's Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Tea

- The Emperor of Ice Cream sundae

- Hugh Selwyn marmalade

- The Idea of Ordering Key Lime Pie

- Lord Weary's catfish

- The Roast Not Taken

- The Plums That Were In The Icebox

- A Coney Island Hot Dog of the Mind

- A Gertrude Stine of Beer is a Beer is a Beer

- A Book of Verses Underneath the Bough,/ A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine, and Thy choice of soup or a side salad

And, from the Allen Ginsberg take-out menu:

Boxlunch, Boxlunch, Boxlunch!