Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dickinson Comic

The Soul selects her own Society --
Then -- shuts the Door --
To her divine Majority --
Present no more --

Unmoved -- she notes the Chariots -- pausing --
At her low Gate --
Unmoved -- an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat --

I've known her -- from an ample nation --
Choose One --
Then -- close the Valves of her attention --
Like Stone -- 


TC said...

Good fun this, I'm guessing Emily would have enjoyed it.

But Nin, as you've now planted in our heads the epiphanic revelation concerning your drawing models, I was tempted this time to be so bold as to ask -- did you use your drawing models for this one?

Nin Andrews said...

Thanks Tom! The dumber they are, the happier I am.

But no, no models with this one. I love the models and sometimes start with them and then go on to a comic.