Thursday, December 27, 2007

Which takes the prize?

I've heard some pretty dumb things lately. Tell me, which is the dumbest?

1. A kid in Spanish class said he had to learn Spanish. Why? Because he works at Home Depot. He said there are these signs in Spanish everywhere. You mean the signs with Spanish words underneath the English words? Like in Best Buy when it says musica under the word, music? Yeah, he said. I need to know what they mean.

2. A friend's son-in-law was looking at a picture of the three wise men. Who are these three men, dressed up kind of like Santa? he asked. Those are the three wise men, she answered. Really? he answered. I didn't know they had black men back then.

3. Before break one college student was talking to another about how she was driving south for Xmas break. She was really excited to be headed to the beach. She figured it wouldn't take that long to get to Florida because it was south. But it would take a lot longer getting back because she'd be driving north.

I guess south means downhill?

4. According to an article I read recently (I think it was that same article as the one below about the hugs), women practically have an orgasm when they chat. That's why women like to talk so much.

5. I heard this minister speak at an Episcopal Church in Cleveland. He said sex is about as important to a marriage as washing dishes.

I'm still wondering what kind of dishes he was talking about.


SarahJane said...

I thought nothing could top number 1 until I got to number 2.
What kind of dishes? Dirty dishes of course! smile

greg rappleye said...

I'd say it's a push between 1 and 3.

Amy said...

Maybe the student in #3 grew up on cliches, like something is "going south" pretty fast. These examples (and others--like the TV show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader") make me very afraid for the world.

Erin O'Brien said...

I take issue with #5. I mean, have you ever gone into a kitchen where no one's done the dishes in a couple of weeks?

It's not pretty.

Me? I don't allow dirty dish back-up around here, missy!

So I agree with the good minister: Keep the kitchen sink clean and reach for the KY as often as you reach for the Lemon Joy.