Monday, July 21, 2008

Things that surprise me about El Salvador

4. People will pay over $100 bucks just to try to get a visa to the U.S.. They will take the bus to San Salvador, wait in long line for hours, then turn their application in, only to be turned down immediately. The reason? They might want to stay in the U.S.. This photo is of Don Daniel who has tried several times to get a visa to see his grandchildren.

(Okay, I had that figure wrong. I just looked it up on the U.S. Embassy site, and below is posted what one must have to get a visa. What's so odd to me is that you have to pay the money, even if it's denied. ?? It's confusing.)

Immigrant Visa Fees

At the time of the interview, each immigrant visa applicant must pay a $400 visa processing fee, effective January 1, 2008 . For applicants whose files have all of the required documents during the interview and who have a qualifying sponsor in the U.S., an immigrant visa will be issued.

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Edwin said...

U.S. Immigration is known for being a cruel dept. of the U.S. On one side the dept is looking out to defend the country from terrorist and jihadists. On the other it's going about it's massive raids on immigrants who 95% of the time are latinos, sometimes without a chance to say goodbye to their children. It reminds me of the nazi state. There's something wrong here when people are living with fear when there only crime has been to cross the border because they want to feed their family. Most immigrants come here because back at home there are no opportunities for anything. They are pressured into crossing because if not there won't be food on the table specially for their children. I know this because I had to do it. Immigrants will take jobs, yes, any job. How on earth are Americans goin to work as Janitors? How are they going to take the riskiest jobs in construction? Sorry if just keep going but there's material about this to write many books on both sides of the equation. Bottom line... let's treat immigrants like humans.