Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum?

In a few weeks, Dear Professor will be out again. The book is based on comments, notes, and emails students have written to physics professors. It's a tiny book, a no big deal book, but it has sold out a few times (small press runs). I am wondering if I should do an expanded version, maybe as a kind of comic book. It's hard to find a press for a book like this because it's not poetry, not physics, not . . . Markets, right? Who needs those?


TC said...

There's no arguing with success, especially, as in the present case from none to some, but in case you're shopping for a title -- Dark Matter?

One youngish physics professor of my acquaintance -- French, athletic, once a bush pilot in New Guinea -- reported, one year, a profusion of mash notes from his Astronomy students. It made it difficult for him to keep his mind on the stars. (The next year he decided to throw over teaching in favour of Theory.)

Nin Andrews said...

Yes, great title.
And yes, I am not sure I would teach if I had the option of keeping my mind on the stars.