Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One More Comic

A last quote from Lauren Collins' article, A Reporter At Large, “House Perfect,” The New Yorker, October 3, 2011

In recent months, middle-aged singles have taken to congregating in a Shanghai IKEA in such numbers that management has been forced to cordon off a designated "match-making corner." p. 56


TC said...

Well, you have to give these frequenters of the Zone high points for their sense of architectural design not to mention their skill at comparison shopping.

But how long can this good thing last?

"Guarding the zone is a tough job," 24-year-old security guard Li Ya said as he tried to convince a woman to stay behind the barrier line. "They are my parents' or even grandparents' age. It's hard for me to be strict with them."

And it seems even management is concerned. Bottom line, business is off 20% in the senior love grotto. And all that free cream has so come out of somebody's pocket.

Nin Andrews said...

Wow, I didn't quite get the picture from the NYer article. These links are great!
Up to 700 aging love-seekers taking over a furniture store . . .
I mean, really, what better place to go?