Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pro-Life Nations and Alpha Males

Who do you think is smarter? People or rats? my high school biology teacher asked us once. Then she added she voted for the rats. Why? She said she had read somewhere that rats stop reproducing when their population becomes too excessive. Imagine if people could only do that!

"World population stands at over 6 billion now. Projections differ on how high it will go. At one point it was projected to top out at 15 billion. Then it was reduced to 13 billion. The latest numbers I have seen are 9 billion. This will happen in the next 25 years. What happens after that? Mass die off. It’s a fact of population biology. Eventually the bacteria on the Petri dish use up all the resources and die. We live on a spherical Petri dish. Almost all the resources—remember that "living space" is a resource—are used up. As groups led by alpha males come into unavoidable contact with each other, conflict erupts. Osama bin Laden is an alpha male. Yasser Arafat is an alpha male. The clerics of the Taliban are alpha males. God help us, our alpha male is George W. Bush."

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Zaphos said...

This is an interesting issue but that is not a very compelling analysis to me. There's a lot of more complexity to it, the world is in many ways obviously not a petri dish. The alpha male thing is almost a non-sequitur.

Also, he forgot about how robots and space travel will make everything okay.