Saturday, September 27, 2008

Emergency Telegram from John McCain

This was in my mail today. I keep getting these requests for money. I don't understand. I thought John McCain wasn't allowed to take private gifts, now that he's accepting public funding. Does anyone know if this is really legit?????

Dear Friend,

I have never been one to mince words, so I'll get right to the point. If you are at all concerned about the prospect of Democrats taking control of the federal government, I need your help and I need it right now.

With the election less than six weeks away, we must reach a critical funding goal in the next 15 days to keep our campaigns on track and get our message to the voters--or we risk losing ground to the massive fundraising of the Democrats.

To stay competitive and ultimately to win this election we must raise $21.5 million in the next 5 days . . .

That is why I am reaching out to you today and asking you to support our campaign by rushing an Emergency Contribution of $5,000, 2500 . . .

Make your check out to McCain Palin Victory 2008


Erin O'Brien said...

From the McCain-Palin Victory 2008 site:

"Contributions to the Compliance Fund will be used solely for legal and accounting services to ensure compliance with federal law and not for campaign activities."

It is campaign finance wheely-dealy. Bastards.

Nin Andrews said...

Notice the advertisements’ fine print, which said donations to the fund would be used to pay for “a portion of the cost of broadcast advertising,” as well as other expenses.