Friday, September 5, 2008

The Politician Is a Human? (Or does he have Alzheimer's?)

No, the politician is not a human. The politician knows the people don't want him (or her) to be a human either. Then they might think about human things.

They might wonder or worry. How tired he (or she) looks!
How old!
How pale.
Maybe he is low on B vitamins.
Maybe has has low blood pressure.
Maybe he just needs a drink. An Advil.
A blood test.

A colonoscopy.
A prostate exam. Or a pelvic.
A test for Alzheimer's . . .

(The people think, couldn't they at least check for the Alzheimer's gene?
But then they remember Reagan. That most popular of all presidents.
Esp. years later . . .
Who remembers the Iran-Contra affair, the mining of the Nicaraguan harbor,
the invasion of Grenada . . .

Who needs memory? )


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amberbromer said...

ha! im curious, do you ever watch the colbert report? if not, you should. i think you would enjoy it. i do!