Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beverages for Poets

Apologies to Keats, Dickinson, Hughes, Lowell, Coleridge, Johnson, Coleridge, Poe, Brooks, Stevens


ACravan said...

No apologies necessary. These are artfully named and recipes should be devised for some of them. I developed the habit/practice some years ago of searching for cocktail names I thought should exist on Google and found that in many cases they did (e.g. Andy Warhol Cocktail -- there were several and most were just horrible), Leap Year Cocktail (a good one with an interesting history), Tax Day Cocktail (not bad) and the Oscar Wilde (not my cup of tea, but acceptable, like the Graham Greene cocktail served in Hanoi, which can be made in two official ways by varying the proportions of the key ingredients). I'd say The Milk of Paradise and the final Emperor of Ice Cream drinks should go into production. Ditto Lord Weary's Cocktail, which sounds like a purposive, happy repurposing of Lowell. Great job. I think that you have a real future either/both in the kitchen/bar or in "front of the house" management. Curtis

TC said...

And grateful they are I'm sure, wherever they are, waiting all these years for that stiff drink. Or soft one as the case may be. It's been a long dry spell.