Thursday, April 26, 2012

from Farewell My Lovelies by Diann Blakely

I have this wonderful new book, Farewell My Lovelies, sent to me by Diann Blakely. It's a beautiful book. Diann is a huge Plath fan, and I love this poem of hers. But I have always felt a little guilty that I am not totally enamored of Plath or Sexton. They make me feel somewhere between sad and suicidal, sort of like the girl depicted here.


TC said...

Such a lovely self-portrait with tear.

I think it's ok to not be totally a Plath and Sexton fan. Maybe even better than ok -- healthy??

ACravan said...

The drawing is wonderful and I agree about the "not totally" part. Last summer, trying to prime Jane as a reader and get her past some of the popular books kids are encouraged to be "into" today, Caroline asked her to read "The Bell Jar," though, and that was great because it is both literature and is written in a conversational way (sort of like "The Catcher In The Rye"), and it piqued her imagination in a way that the books in the "Twilight" or "Hunger Game" series never could. I remember our first effort in this area was getting her to read "Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde" and it had a similar effect on her. It's funny: my daughter's conversations are so richly layered and witty. The popular literature shoved at kids today is just awful. She's reading "Othello" in school now and I'm pleased that she seems to be deriving the right things from it. When she tells me about the classroom lessons and discussions, though, it sounds really tedious. Curtis