Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fracking Comics

This post has been moved here on my new blog of fracking comics.


TC said...

Nin, Mother Earth loves you for sticking up for her like this. Heroic I call it. Against the grain is noblest of rhetorical modes. And I just hope that you keep it up, and then do it some more, and that it eventually gets under the skin of some of those beings who go about evangelizing for this horrific form of mining, as though cheap carbon were the manna sent to Americans by a Just God with a hideous leering face, who boils and belches His Fracked Up Plans from deep within the bowels of a historical nightmare.

frackfree living said...

All that BS dished out by the gas&oil biz is sure piling up! Enough to collect more methane than what's underground! Now, frack that!

Nin Andrews said...

THANKS so much, Tom!
It's pretty depressing to think about.
Hard to keep the spirits up in the face of this issue.

Laura said...

Fracking makes me reel. It's hard to fathom that it exists - that there is a debate as to whether it should happen. So very bad. Good questions here. It is difficult for me to get beyond why are we even considering this. How can any profit be worth this kind of plunder?