Tuesday, September 18, 2007

General Petraeus

copyright 2007

Rick Bursky sent me this photo of the General. The photo is copyrighted, so please don't use it without Rick's permission. But if you don't know of him, Rick is an amazing poet. Whatever he writes, read it. My favorite is his book, The Soup of Something Missing. This is what he wrote about the photo:

"I found this photo I took when I was in the army. It's General Petraeus when he was just Lieutenant Petraeus. We both were in the 1st of the 509th Airborne Battalion Combat Team stationed in Northern Italy. The photo was taken in France, 1976. Petraeus and I were part of a small group of paratroopers were sent to the French Army paratrooper school. The house behind him is a chateau in the Pyrenees Mountains in which we had dinner the night before."


Val Cox said...

I'm so pleased to see your story about Rick. I've enjoyed and followed his writings and photographs for many years.

greg rappleye said...
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greg rappleye said...


Rick Bursky!

Rick is a good friend of mine!

I love Rick Bursky!

dixiedreams said...

what a great photo.

Erin O'Brien said...

imagine the dinner the night before and what they ate and what they talked about imagine the china bowls and were there women there? and did they speak French in low voices? and did the men understand what they were saying?

haricot vert

imagine the dinner the night before, Harry Corvaire. imagine imagine imagine

rebecca kaner said...

I, too, am pleased to read your story about Rick. We met fondly climbing a six foot wall in the Police Academy. I can still hear his voice reading poetry. He is a phenominal poet and human. Next time you speak with him, please be so kind to ask him about those brown and white cookies and Cozumel scuba gear in the shower.