Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nipple Head

Sometimes those word-a-days
(like the one posted below)
get into my brain
and then I can't stop thinking
about them . . ..
Esp. when I've been writing so long,
my neck hurts and my head feels so heavy
I swear it will fall right off,
and I'm hungry and tired and insane . . .

So now I'm thinking of having a napple
which is either a small nap
or a small apple
or a sleeping apple,
or an apple I dream of but never eat
or the nap I never take
but only imagine . . .
or maybe it's a misplaced nipple
or an insult.
My brother used to call folks
nipple heads. George Bush
for example, would be a perfect
example of a nipple head. Now THAT
was an insult back then, up there
with wiener. I mean nobody
ever wanted to be a wiener.


dixiedreams said...

and bush is both a weiner and a nipple head. kids are upstairs playing on piano "there's a place in france," so that and "nipple head" will be running through my brain until all night.

Jen Bartman said...

Ha ha. My friends and I used to sing the "there's a place in France" song on the bus. I don't remember all of the verses, but I do remember:

There's a place in France
Where the naked ladies dance
There's a hole in the wall
Where the men can see them all

Looking back, I am totally befuddled. What kind of a weird male fantasy was I singing about? We have places where the naked ladies dance here in the States, too, but the men are in the audience, not hiding in the next room, taking turns at the peephole.

And who are these imaginary ladies who dance naked together in a room for no reason? They must be the older versions of those imaginary girls who have pillow fights in their bras and panties.

sevnetus said...

I'm at peace with it for I know the joy of sucking big nipple, and begrudge you not the reception; nor the babe's satisfaction.

Philip Metres said...

Nin, want to give a reading at John Carroll on October 2nd? It'd be a double-bill. Email me. pmetres@jcu.edu