Monday, September 17, 2007

Sleeping with Houdini

My new book will be out so so soon! You can even order it on Amazon if you are, well, part-saint. Oh please! I always feel a kind of panic when a book is done. I look at it and immediately find something to change . . .

In fact I never stop changing my work. I can't read from my poems from books. I have to print out the pages so I can keep changing and changing them. No wonder I'm a poet. If I wrote a novel, the ending would change every time I thought about it.

Ah well, enough on anxiety! Houdini is almost here. Houdini, my childhood hero. I thought of him as a kind of god, or someone who dared to be like a god. I could never understand why someone would punch him in the stomach, just to prove he was human. I guess it's true what my mom always said. We people don't really like our gods.


ka said...


Great news! Congrats!

Can we also order the book from you to get a signed copy?

I can't wait to read it.


greg rappleye said...


If memory serves me, you had a manuscript that was a finalist for the AWP award a few years back. Has that been published? Is this book the "same" (I know, they keep changing!) manuscript?

Jen Bartman said...

It sounds like you didn't have any trouble choosing the title. Is that so? Have you ever wished you could change a title after the fact?

(It's a great title, by the way.)

dixiedreams said...

oh, boy. this is great, nin. looking forward to reading it.

Nathalie said...

Thanks Kelli, and yes of course. If you email me,, I'll email you when it comes in . . .
Thanks so much.
And yes, it has had many titles, and many orders, and I'm okay with the title for now.
And yes and no, Greg, it was a finalist in several contests but not the AWP one. I really hate contests . . . the way it seems to work for poets. I wish there were a better way.

Nin Andrews said...

Argh, I posted that from my other e-address. So . . . Nathalie, Nin, same thing.