Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Nicest Guy

What a week last week was. Between the news of Senator Craig and the news from the kids' high school where a faculty member (this guy I really liked) was arrested for importuning a 12 year old girl in a chat room (who turned out to be a cop), I dunno. I keep thinking of how my dad used to say, it's always the nicest guy who has a few kids and some nasty secrets buried in his backyard. It was a creepy point of view, and for years whenever someone said the term, the nicest guy, I'd think of his words.

But then again, my dad had a thing against nice guys. He was sure nice, by definition, was a kind of perversion.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

More than once I've heard people distinguish the words "nice" and "kind," which are sometimes thought to be the same thing. Once it was pointed out to me that they're not, I'm much more trustful of "kind." "Nice" does indeed sometimes have stuff buried in the backyard. Sorry to hear about the teacher. I've watched enough of those "to catch a predator" episodes on Dateline that I've come to think about these guys as just sort of pathetic and beyond help.

myshkin2 said...

Hi Nin, I met you a few yrs back at Kent--we shared a Wick reading....I've been enjoying yr blog for a while--having arrived at a roundabout way. About these predator stings--I just don't know. I have 3 little ones (11,14 & 17, and the littlest was even harrassed for a time by a boy in her 4th grade class) so I'm overprotective, if anying--and yet....Part of me thinks that fear creates the gun in the hand of the murderer and that less harmful desires are dangerously ratcheted up by lying adults who lurk in these chatrooms. I can't watch To Catch a Predator w/o wondering if part of it is that these guys want to be caught and so almost knowlingly play out the game to the end--knowing that there's no chance of what they discussed in the rooms actually coming to fruition.

dixiedreams said...

yeah, you'd think those guys had watched "to catch a predator," too. not only are they horny shits, they're stupid!