Sunday, September 2, 2007

Messing with my cookies

Strange things have been happening. I mean

just a bit ago I was trying to access my blog
and I got this little note from blogger headquarters

Someone has functionally disabled your blogger cookies.

I couldn't get in here for a while.
What's this with my cookies?


ka said...

It sounds both sinister and Betty Crockerish at the same time.

I don't want my cookies disabled.

Also, when I read this, this camp song came to mind--
Someone stole your cookies from the cookie jar. Who me? Couldn't be? Then Who???

dixiedreams said...

sorry about your cookies. i will make you some. what kind do you like best?

david dodd lee said...

That happens all the time and then
it says you have to fix it or
whatever. But then ten minutes later, I suppose, the COOKIES are
all better, back in thier little packages, near great white shining
glasses of milk I'm guessing,
because everything suddenly works fine. I always picture very very small Chips Ahoys somewhere in my computer. (Even though Oreos are my favorite cookie)