Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anne Marie Slaughter: Peaceful Intervention in Syria

There are always so many conflicts going on, it's hard to wrap my mind around them all. Syria continues to baffle me, the courage of the people who protest despite the violence.



TC said...

But that word "intervention"... it's becoming real nuisance.

There's a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets who is to appear here soon (at a site not far from the classroom in which a 33 year old black man was shot five times by campus police last night), who, in her self promotional literature, boasts of her "cultural interventions".

My gosh, all this intervening. Cannot anyone simply mid their own p's & q's (almost said business) anymore?

ACravan said...

I find myself equally baffled and, obviously, the excerpt you've chosen doesn't say the half (or even the quarter) of it. The only Syrians I've ever known were people who owned some of the Middle Eastern restaurants and spice businesses along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, near where we used to live. They were mostly, but not exclusively, Christian. In general, they were very, very happy to live in the U.S., away from all the trouble. Then there was the extremely liberal (politically NYU-Columbia U)-connected family we know whose son was pursuing Ph.D. political science work in Damascus for several years, who would often try to explain to us the good side of the Assad regime. It confused us a lot. Curtis