Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Food for Peace

As many of you know, Suzanne is in Kenya, working in development. I learn a lot from her, as you might imagine.

Although it is not the major focus of her work, I often ask her about the famine. One of the major issues that confronts relief organizations is how food aid does and does not work well. There is a great article about it which Suzanne pointed out to me . . . I will quote from it and then link it below.

"America’s biggest food aid program sits in the farm bill because the program was originally designed as a way to get rid of surplus agricultural products to keep prices high. But seeing food aid through the lens of domestic agricultural means there has never been serious consideration of how to make food aid more effective."

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TC said...

Helpful article. And that's great work Suzanne is involved with. Feeding the people of the planet is not just an issue, it's THE issue. The cliché that "there's more than enough to go around" would be hard to put to the test until effective and equitable methods of spreading resources are in place. Meanwhile, the world food supply increasingly threatened and the hungry mouths multiplying... here on the big city streets also.