Friday, November 25, 2011



ACravan said...

On the day after Thanksgiving, when I seem susceptible to recalling all sorts of things I thought I'd forgotten, this really connects me to memories of my mother (I think this would surprise her) and of Caroline's mother. It's funny -- I don't think our daughter Jane (now 14) will ever be able to connect with it; her experience is so different, although she learned to sew quite well on her own. And I can substitute for the image you've drawn the faces of certain touring musicians I've known, all of whom were quite handy with needle, thread and clothes iron. Curtis

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Nin. Thinking of you and your mom and your sewing girl.

TC said...

Mother was wonderful at needle-work.

In traveling the wide world, back in the depths of another century, it often seemed useful to know how to supply a stitch in time.

On the youth-hostelry circuit in North Africa in 1963 I learned that the two nations that manufacture the best travelers were Australia and Holland.

The Dutch and the Aussies were always so self-sufficient. They carried swell little compact sewing-kits, and knew how to use them.

Their mothers should have been proud.