Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Bug of the Night

When my daughter was in first grade, my mother sent her a bug shirt for her birthday. It was a huge shirt with all kinds of insects on it, and it quickly became her favorite sleep shirt. She liked to pick her favorite bug-of-the night before going to sleep from "Grandma's bug shirt."


Suzanne said...

Ha, you left out the fact she sent the exact same shirt - a Beefy Ts XL - for my 13th birthday!

Nin Andrews said...

Yes, my mom loved that shirt. She loved bugs. I remember the time we chased a wolf spider around the kitchen because I wanted to take it to school to show to my teacher who had told me there was no spider bigger than a hand in Virginia. The two of us were leaping all over the kitchen with buckets in our hands, trying to get that spider.

TC said...

You are too modest -- that is a very, very fine Stag Beetle, Nin.

Worthy of Edward Lear.

You are getting brilliant at this.

Myself I've always been partial to
Harmonia axyridis, or Lady Beetle

who made Cock Robin's shroud
with her thread and needle

in the sixth from top image in

Who Killed Cock Robin? A Mystery.