Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eye to Eye

Today, the last day of Thanksgiving break, the last day my son
is home . . .
I wish he lived closer. I wish my daughter lived closer, too.

My son is a computer science graduate student, so I thought I would post an example of his work here:

eye to eye

This is a short animation that Jimmy
and friends made when they were at CMU.


TC said...

That's quite clever, Jimmy.

When the eyes get together for a snuggle and a smooch, I was reminded of this little classic (second piece in the pair):


Nin Andrews said...

Thanks Tom!
I love the link.

TC said...

And then later it hit me.

I would like to think that in the great mixed bag of the eternal dialectic, something good must sometime come from something bad.

Ah, dream on, old man...

But could it possibly be that at least some part of the inspiration (unconscious, even?) for this brilliant little animated video of Jimmy's derived in some way from all those awful eye operations his poor mom had to suffer as a child?

Always trying to insert some minor scrap of justice into the entirely impersonal workings-out of the universe -- even as it must be admitted this is a silly, subjective, myopic and entirely relativistic project. Still, don't we try to we do the best we can, however futile these attempts may seem at times, to sort-out the unintelligible little bits of the crazy jigsaw puzzle so that they'll fit into into some sort of majestic bigger picture...?

Dunno. Just a thought I had, some while after letting those eyeballs do their lovely two-to-tango number in the back room of the grey matter.

Nin Andrews said...

I never know where ideas comes from. Okay, not never, but often they seem to come of their own accord.
But I love this little film. It always makes me laugh, the music and the dancing . . .

TC said...

Yes, totally delightful.

Please do forgive and forget the above somewhat limiting and probably completely off-the-wall ruminations. Creativity is far more resilient and elastic than that.

All credit to the enterprise, skill and imagination of Jimmy Andrews.

ACravan said...

I think Jimmy's work is stunning. Curtis