Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beloved Ape and Judging Book Contests

I was asked to judge another contest, but alas, I can't do it this time. How could I? I who usually hate winning books. I who love runts, loose ends, mistakes, half-baked books full of fragments and lost souls.

I was reading for a contest once, and there was book with a drawing of an ape in the middle with the words, You call that evolution? You humans are a MISTAKE! There was also a handwritten note taped into the manuscript -- an apology from God for the creation of mankind. Every poem was in a different font, and some were double-spaced, some single- spaced, some hand-written. In script no less. I love script. Beautiful script--obviously written with a fountain pen.

That book was my secret winner. The book was called Beloved Ape.

I sometimes dream of starting a press. I would call it Beloved Apes.

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Here's a guy who had the same problem.

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