Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Professor

Dear Professor,

I was on this very small airplane
from Charlotte to Richmond,
and this XL man sat in the back
until the stewardess made him move
to the middle "to balance the plane."

I was pretty nervous
when he went to the bathroom.
But the stewardess said not to worry . . .
as long as he doesn't stay in there too long.
How long would that be?


TC said...

A beautiful and ancient Eastern problem, bringing to mind the Insolubilia of Zippy.

Have we buckled our seatbelts and returned the trays to upright position yet?

ACravan said...

It's nice to be able to be reflective, light and witty about this problem. During the four years I worked for a Chicago-based company (I lived in New York and was on planes for them at least four times every week), I basically lived in a completely amnesic, disconnected state. Curtis