Thursday, August 23, 2007

A few things I learned on my recent airplane trip

1. I should like George Bush because he listens to God.
2. Airplane salad turns brown if it's not hosed down with sulfites.
3. Brad loves Angie just the way she is.
4. There are magazines called Cement and Asphalt.
5. I look like a liberal.
6. "If it weren't for those environmentalists, Wal Mart and Lowes would be doing a lot better."
7. There's a Steven Hayward who isn't Steven Hayward, the cool Canadian novelist, and who is an anti-environmentalist and a hero for the readers of Cement.
8. Airplane rides can give you deep vein thrombosis. That happens when cement enters your veins.
9. Soon your head will turn to cement too.
10. You can hear people talking even with noise-cancelling headphones on.


garylmcdowell said...

Thanks for reading my poems at Memorious! I respect your work a great deal, Nin, so it was great to see your comment on my blog this afternoon.

And just because I read your lil profile there, I too love birds, dogs, and magicians (one of my poems about Houdini will be in the debut of Barn Owl Review)...

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

If Wal mart and Lowe's are doing poorly because of the environmentalists, I feel better already.

greg rappleye said...

Those danged environmentalists!

I have a couple of poems coming out in the fall issue of Cement.