Sunday, August 19, 2007

Black Butterflies

There was a bat in our room last night. I caught it in a laundry basket, mid-swoop, and took it outside. Now I'm thinking it will come right back in. They must hang out in the attic. They've never come visiting before. Now I'll have to find someone to help me get them out of there.

My father-in-law was terrified of bats. Once I told him there was a black butterfly in the kids' room in Maine. I didn't want to alarm him. He came rushing up the steps to see it. Where's the black butterfly?


Suzanne said...

I have several bats sharing my room with me and for a good part of the week, its just me and the bats. They go out at night and come back around 5 am every morning to fly around and snatch up any insects that may have wandered in over night. At least thats what I think they´re doing. They sleep all day, but wake up and fly out for a bit if I make too much noise or come too close. They always come back.

Erin O'Brien said...

I had a cocktail with a bat last night. His name was Dross. He lit my cigarettes as I watched him with one eyebrow arched.

I followed him back to his place, marking his path as he swooped beneath streetlights. I parked beneath a sighing elm.

My fingertips found his wings were made of silk. Then he disappeared.

dixiedreams said...

hi, suzanne!!

sounds like all the cool girls are getting bats. i'm just going batty!