Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Questions about Dick

I am in such a bad mood today. I feel like the whole world is just bumming me out.
Maybe it's just the change of seasons. Maybe it's the wasps that keep stinging my dogs who are allergic. (God I hate wasps.) Maybe it's just the way it is, or this book I'm not having fun writing right now . . . But I keep imagining not writing it but instead composing some of those annoying questions that appear at the end of books for "discussion." Here are few I thought of for Dick and Jane ages ago.

1. Is this a book about a particular Dick or a Universal Dick?
2. Is Dick really Dick, or is he merely a symbol of Dick?
3. What might Dick be a symbol of?

from Midlife Crisis with Dick and Jane


Jarvis Rockhall said...

I'd like to suggest a few more questions:

What is Dick’s relation to the industrial-military complex within twenty-first century America?

Is Dick motivated more by his inner-reality or his outer-reality?

And my personal favourite:

In this section, what is Dick’s inner-child saying?

Oh, and I hate wasps too...
Once, when I was a kid, one of them actually crawled down my sock and stung my foot. You have to admire the dedication they show to causing needless pain.

Nin Andrews said...

Oh there are many MANY more questions in the book, but I like yours.

dixiedreams said...

i ran over a hornet's nest once with a lawnmower and got high from the stings. it felt really, really nice, but i wouldn't suggest trying it.

Valerie Loveland said...

My boyfriend is allergic to wasps.

A wasp got in my apartment last week, and I caught my kitten with a wasp in her mouth shaking her head, doing the "breaking her victim's neck" motion. Luckily she didn't get stung.

Erin O'Brien said...

I really like Valerie's cat.

Despite my advanced age, I cannot answer your Dick questions, but I hope you feel better.

I like Dick.

I like you too.

Maybe you should have some ice cream today.