Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Suzanne is 24 today. She's been in the Peace Corps in El Salvador for almost a year now. In this pic, she's breakdancing, which is just one of her many talents. She spent last on the beach, watching for sea turtles that come up to lay their eggs.

People ask me often what she is doing. Here are some random sentences from her recent emails to give a general idea.

"We gave away the papaya trees about a month ago and I bought seeds to start a demo organic garden--planting cucumbers, tomatoes, radish and hot chiles, with the 5th and 6th graders next week. We bagged most of the organic compost and one of the local tiendas is donating tomato crates for the seed beds."

"Starting the next school recycling campaign next week as well, . . ."

"Helped out with a sanitation--abatization campaign with the two 5th grade classes yesterday. We hiked house to house through the community dropping off little bags of abate to kill mosquito and zancudo larvae in family washbasins and barrels, . . ."

"I applied to take Inez and Mehtabel to an HIV-AIDS conference at the beginning of September and I have also started scheming of ways to find funding--both women have years of nutrition and reproductive health training and offer invaluable services and education at no cost to women in children in my community, who cannot afford to pay. "

"I've been teaching English, but it's not my favorite thing. The kids are quick, but the school teachers are lazy."

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dixiedreams said...

i love this picture of her. i want to be suzanne!