Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Last Lines

1. In this way, by a trick of the sea, the morning has returned to me my white key, my sand-covered hat, my head--the head of a shipwrecked sailor."

Pablo Neruda, translated by Dennis Maloney and Clark M. Zlotchew

2. And anyway, Honey, you look kinda peekid and droopy, like you could use a little dialysis yourself.

Marily Krysl from "Single Head of Household"

3. Oh, no, dear son, for that would break all the toilets in the world, and there wouldn't be enough toilet paper to wipe away the shame.

Rusell Edson from "The Dear Son"

4. "I beg your pardon," Plume said, "I haven't been paying attention . . . " and he went back to sleep."

Henre Michaux from "A Manageable Man," translated by Richard Howard.

Last Lines taken from The Prose Poem, An International Journal, Volume 7 and from Someone Wants to Steal My Name and Other Poems by Henri Michaux.