Monday, August 13, 2007

Union of Concerned Scientists Petition

Tyson Foods recently announced it will produce all of its fresh chicken without antibiotics—selling it in grocery stores under a "Raised Without Antibiotics" label. As the nation’s largest producer of chicken, Tyson is setting an important precedent for protecting public health.

The time has never been better to urge U.S. fast-food companies to follow Tyson's lead and establish strict antibiotic use policies with their meat suppliers.

Currently, an estimated 70 percent of antibiotics and related drugs in the United States are used in the feed and water of healthy animals—a practice with serious consequences for human health. Bacteria that are constantly exposed to antibiotics develop resistance to these drugs. When humans get sick from resistant bacteria, the antibiotics prescribed will no longer work.

Sign our petition to the nation's top fast-food companies urging them to help end this dangerous practice.

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sevnetus said...

And have you tried to get antibiotics from your own doctor or dentist Lately? I'm having a difficult time.